The Hideaway

My room should be referred to as The Hideaway. Or The Cave. Or my Fortress of Solitude, but I've never been a Superman fan, so I think I'll refrain from that one. Regardless of what you call it, though, my bedroom is my place. I spend more hours in there being anti-social than anyone should, but it's comforting and quiet and I enjoy it. Plus my brother is down the hall, so it's not like I'm completely alone.

My entire life, my bedroom has been pink. When I was a child, it was a soft pastel pink, but when I turned fourteen I begged my parents to let me paint it a bright, Barbie, bubblegum pink. For many years it suited me well, until one day I woke up and felt like my room was a constant mess. I love colour, but all of the artwork and nicknacks I had collected made my room feel really cluttered with the bright walls. And so it was decided, that this past summer, it was time for a room make over.

So here are the results!

My bed area! The art wall is one of my favourite parts of my room. 
The antler's on the wall were a summer project; the white ones are made out of tape, cardboard, and wire!
I had exposed Polaroid film, so I printed out Instagram photos and glued them inside for makeshift frames!

The sequin canvas were a Christmas present from my super thoughtful friend, Beth. I mentioned I wanted to make them ONCE and she surprised me! :)

I painted my room white because I wanted something of a blank canvas. I like it MUCH better; my room feels so much bigger and cleaner! It's a small space to begin with, so I really hated cramming everything in and making it too cluttered. I love stuff, though, so I can't bare to get ride of anything. Here's a few details of my nicknacks and thing-a-ma-bobs.

I keep adding things here and there (such as a glittery fox mask from the kids department from H&M), but I think overall my room is officially done. :) Has your room undergone a make over recently? Or if you could, what would you change about your space?

- Di xx


Miss Kait said...

Come help me with my rooms after halloween <3.

Heather Belle said...

How cute! Love how pretty your room is!
xo Heather

studiomaison said...

love your room! I really appreciate all of the whimsical elements!


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