Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, guys! I love Halloween to bits and pieces; absolutely any excuse to dress up and I am all over it. This year I dressed up as Batgirl! It has been a dream of mine to don the cape and cowl in the name of justice and swing from buildings, but unfortunately I have the athletic ability of a fish and I also have the resources of a university student, so I think my superhero dreams have to be put on hold. Thankfully, Halloween exists, and for one night I can pretend.

Gotham Girls! Kait, Beth, and I myself. 
I ordered my costume at the beginning of the month just to make sure I had it on time. I made only a couple of adjustments; the utility belt that came with it was horrible, and the boot covers were way too tight to my leg, so I made a new belt and spray painted some boots. Kait was Harley Quinn, so I was really excited to be a part of a duo. We ended up going to a party where we had a ton of other Gotham citizens, including our friend Beth as Poison Ivy! There was also a wicked Bane and a Two Face! Ridiculous fun.

I punched Kait in the face SO MANY TIMES. 
I'm so lucky to have crazy friends like Kait and Beth. In the last six months, thanks to Kait's quirky self, I've gotten to dress up as both of my favourite superhero ladies! In addition to this, we dressed up for The Dark Knight Rises and I finally got to be Harley Quinn, (Kait was Catwoman!) something I had been wanting to do for years! I'm so glad we did it, it was way too much fun!

The formatting for this post is so terrible because I am without Photoshop again. I'm hoping to remedy that tonight when I get home from work. :(

Have a great Halloween everyone, and stay safe!

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