Let's Do This!

Welcome! I'm Diana, I'm 23, and I have no idea what I am doing.

I'm also clearly incredibly dramatic.

Theatrics aside (can you have such a thing on the Internet), I'm a recently graduated Media Studies student residing in the Greater Toronto Area with a love for all things pretty. I've been wanting to chronicle my love affair with clothing, make up, and culture for years but I've run into a good ol' friend procrastination that has limited me from doing such. Plus as a student, I always had a built in excuse; I was simply too busy.

Now? The world is my oyster. Or at the very least, I have a decent amount of free time that allows for such endeavours.

So here goes another shot at my own little corner of the Internet.

I attempted to use this super spiffy blog a few years back when my darling friend Kaitlyn first made it for me. And after a few months, I failed. As mentioned above, let's blame it on my academic career and not a lack of passion. I love writing, especially about things I am passionate about, so putting it off is only a disservice to myself. Though you, dear readers, might be spared from my lame jokes and witty puns. 

The truth is that aside from my personal Twitter and an incredibly active Tumblr and Pinterest, my Internet presence can be amounted to an unhealthy obsession with Instagram. As a result, all I have to show you at the present time is some pictures of some things I have been wearing in the past few months featuring my bedroom in various states of cleanliness. 

Oh, goodness, what a first post indeed.

So I'm clearly a big fan of the mirror selfie, as you can see, and hopefully we'll remedy that in the coming weeks so my photos are something of a higher quality. I make no promises though; once a mirror selfie lover, always a mirror selfie lover.

So! Here we go; get ready for my feelings and thoughts on clothing, beauty, books, film, and whatever else peeks my interest. I'm a fan of comic books and figure skating, so as a warning, things could get ~weird~ here. 

Thanks for reading and hopefully I didn't scare you off! You can follow the blog's Twitter here for updates on posts and myself over here on Instagram. :)