Lend Me a Credit Card: Current ASOS Faves

Every once in a while, I go online and find too many things I want to buy. I add them to wishlists, check back daily for sales, and stare at my bank account like I can will the digits to grow up to six figures with just the power of my mind.

Alas, I haven't seem to won the lottery or learned the power of mind control just yet, so for now everything will stay nicely hidden away under my favourite items and carts until they sell out or I pull the trigger and just treat myself. 

Needless to say, I spent too many hours on ASOS last night, combing their new releases for things I just have to have. I've compiled them all in this nice list so you can all actively encourage discourage me from investing in some new fall pieces. 

ASOS Oversized Black Check Scarf (x) - My friend and coworker, Rachel, is a major babe who always looks so effortlessly cool and chic. Recently she told me that she had splurged on a fabulous tartan scarf here on ASOS, so during some midnight online window shopping, I took a peak for myself. The site is stocked with oversized, chunky scarves for the fall and winter which is exactly what I am looking for as we get into the colder months. My style inspiration for the season is 'Things That Can Double As Blankets.'

ASOS Halloween Lip Clutch Bag (x) - How fun is this clutch bag? Lip clutch bags have been all the rage over the spring and summer, but I am super into this Halloween inspired one. The fangs give it an added touch that take a trendy piece to that special place. Where that place is, I don't know, but I'm sure it's rad. 

ASOS Cat Shift Dress (x) - When browsing any clothing store, I always punch in two search terms almost immediately: cat and bat. The cat is because I am obsessed with cat printed clothing items and probably will be for the rest of my life, or until I get an animal companion of my own (my mother is allergic, making life most difficult). How could I not actively covet this super cute cat print dress? The cats are made of sequins! Sequins + cats = my dream dress. 

ASOS Limited Edition Flower Spike Headband (x) - I've recently taken on a second job and this one requires wearing a uniform. I had no idea just how difficult it is to look cute within the confines of a dress code as it's been years since I really had to adhere to one. Back when I was in high school, I wore a school uniform and my signature piece to jazz that sucker up was always hair accessories. I'm taking a page from 16 year old me and am on the hunt for simple and pretty hair accessories to make my work uniform a little more fun!

ASOS Mesh Tutu (x) - I have a pink tutu skirt I purchased off of eBay for a cool $10, but I'm always on the hunt for a fuller, bigger, and even better version. This one seems to make the cut. Now if only it were being sold at an eBay price...

ASOS Halloween Jumper With Bat Patch (x) - As mentioned above, I always search for bat when browsing anywhere. This is because of my penchant for Batman and my never ending search for the perfect Batgirl t-shirt. I am obsessed with this sweater as it combines two of my favourite things: grey sweaters (I currently own 18 and think I need at least 18 more) and bats. Three favourite things, if you include elbow patches. 

ASOS Knitted Skater Dress with Lace Collar (x) - With the holidays coming up, I'm starting to take note of cute potential holiday dresses. This one in the pretty red colour and it's adorable lace collar definitely fits the bill! I can see myself sipping eggnog and mingling with tall, dark, and handsome under the mistletoe. 

I'm just kidding. I don't drink eggnog or leaving my house. 

ASOS Sleak Large Face Watch (x) - I've wanted a sleaker black watch for a while and often admire a similar Kate Spade version. Since I'm trying to save for a trip to Europe this coming summer, the Kate Spade love of my life is currently out of the question, but this snazzy one will more than suffice!

ASOS Sweatshirt with Powerpuff Girls print (x) - Powerpuff Girls was one of my absolute favourite things to watch as a kid. I'm a Bubbles at heart, through and through, but I admire Blossom's sense of style. That signature bow? Iconic. 

In the Name of the Moon!

As a twenty-something girl, I can say without any exaggeration on my part that it pleases me so greatly that my life has come full circle. Full circle in the regard that I am experiencing a time where there are new episodes of Sailor Moon currently being broadcast.

I grew up with Sailor Moon, the original anime being one of my most treasured childhood loves. I get such a thrill out of the fact that this show that I loved so wholeheartedly as a kid continues to be loved so greatly years later, to the point where they rebooted it for the franchise’s 20th Anniversary.

Sailor Moon Crystal makes me emotional every time I watch a new episode for two reasons. Number One, like Usagi, I’m something of a crybaby. Number two would have to be the nostalgia factor. At five years old (that’s right, five! I was five when I watched Sailor Moon during it’s original run!), I was painfully shy and lacking in the friend department. As a result, I related most with Ami, and seeing her struggle with the same things and come out on top (as a Sailor Scout, no less!) was really empowering and encouraging for little ol’ me. I guess it is something that I remembered pretty vividly, because when watching Crystal now, all of these feelings came flooding back! I remembered how much I related to her and how that made me feel. How she was my favourite Scout just because of how the same we were.

Despite the fact that I have longed since changed my favourite Scout to Venus (for many reasons, but also for shallow reasons like the bow in her hair), I was still reminded of how much this show meant to me and how much it continues to mean to me.

For the Anniversary, along with the rebooted anime comes a slew a new merchandise. And while that is all fun and good, Etsy continues to have some of the most fun and unique fangoods out there. So take a look at the little treasury I put together of some of my favourite Etsy finds inspired by everyone’s favourite magical girl and her friends.

In the Name of the Moon!

Sailor Moon inspired goodies to channel your inner Senshi everyday.

Pre-Order SAILOR MOON Chibi Moon Compact Necklace
Sailor Moon Shirt Luna Sweatshirt Hoodie Sweater Unisex - Size S M L XL
Sailor Moon "Fight like a girl" Canvas Tote Bag [BLACK]
Sailor Moon moon rabbit infinity scarf (wide, organic cotton)
Luna and Artemis (Sailor Moon Inspired Cling Earring)
FREE SHIPPING Sailor Moon Crystal Usagi Bunny Rabbit Pink Cute Umbrella
MADE to ORDER Cosmic Crescent Moon Wand Sailor Moon Inspired Laser Cut Acrylic Necklace for Mahou Kei, Magical Girl Fashion
Luna, Sailor Moon, Alternative Poster, Watercolor Painting, Archival Fine Art, Home Wall Decor, Giclee Print,
Sailor Moon Inspired Canvas Tote bag
Golden Goddess - Sailor Venus Inspired Indie Nail Polish - 15 ml
Anime Sailor Moon Sailor V Cosplay Costume Glasses V2
MADE to ORDER Communicator Commune Mirror Sailor Moon Inspired for Magical Girls, Mahou Shoujo, Mahou Kei, or Cosplay
Sailor Moon Inspired Chibi Usa Small Lady Fashion Jersey Football Top - Sizes XS-2X
Sailor Moon 2015 Calendar / Digital Download
Choose ONE Outer Senshi Lip Rod Phone Strap or Necklace Sailor Moon Inspired Fanart Acrylic for Mahou Kei, Magical Girl Style

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At Home: Current Bedroom Decor

Hello Internet and welcome to a peak into the place where I spent about 90% of my time when I am at home: my bedroom.

My room has undergone several makeovers, from a pastel pink theme as a kid to a ~more mature~ Barbie pink as a teenager. A couple of years ago I finally painted over the bright pink walls and have traded them in for something a little more subdued. The point of the white walls, however, as to allow myself to cram as much colour into every other corner of my room. Kind of like a blank canvas. Or something. 

The size of my room is comparable to that of a shoebox, so I have to make due with the small space. It allows me to get creative with storage, but it also means I'm clearing out clutter from my room every few months to make space for something new. 

Anyways, take a look! I don't want to have a running commentary on each and every aspect of things in my room, because that would a) take all night and b) would be rather boring, would it not? 

My night stand is actually an IKEA Rast that I hacked. I repainted it the bright pink colour and added the draw pulls. It ended up costing me way more than I had originally planned (good quality paint is expensive!) but it was worth it in the end because it is my favourite piece of furniture. 

Kate or Die! totebag (x) | American Apparel Umbrella (x)

Both the cat pillow and the Sailor Moon plush were gifts from the lovely Amy and Kait, respectively. 

Night Circus Cards (x) | Harley Quinn by Matt Taylor (x) | Bonjour! Card (x) | Girls print by Gemma Corell (I purchased this at TCAF and can't seem to find an online link for purchase) | Sailor Moon Print by Lauren DeGraaf (x) | Carousel (I found this at an antique market) | Nap print by Beth Evans (no longer available) (x)

Above my nightstand are a set of post-cards from The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, which I purchased on Etsy. They are absolutely gorgeous and I wish I could have gotten a better shot to do them justice! The one side of my artwall is occupied by a bunch of various art work from my Harley Quinn vinyl to a Rifle Paper Co. card to an original piece by Amy! 

Unfortunately, I'm not aware of the artists names for a few of these pieces. I picked up the Grumpy Cat from Zone Orange in Montreal this past summer and the lumberjack cat from a vendor at TCAF this spring whose name I didn't get. If anyone knows the artists of either, give me a shout!

Cher Horowitz by ohgoshCindy (x) | C'est La Vie (x) | Sailor Moon lockets + Batgirl pin-up by Amy Luu (x)

Flying Graysons (x)

I spent all summer trying to collect all of these babies. I'm taking a bit of a break as I've collected the majority that I wanted...but also because I am running out of room on my shelf!

This Harry Styles doll was made by Amy and is one of my most prized possessions! Look at his snazzy suit jacket and bow-tie! He's be-friended Lisa Simpson, a gift from my brother's darling GF, Serena. 

My bulletin board is littered with ticket stubs, notes, and photos. I'm running out of room but really don't want to find a new one as I'm really happy with the size of this one. 

I mucked up the paint on this desk years ago, so I've strategically placed some items on it to hide said messy paint. My Bee and Puppycat wallet is a new addition and I love it intensely. 

And that's all! I could spend all day posting photos of my room, but I imagine it'll change in a few months anyway...so until then, these will have to do! 

- Di xo

What I Read: September 2014

Greetings Internet! I read a lot, and I really like talking about the books I read. So every month, I'll be doing a monthly round up of the Top Five books I read the month before. This here is September's list. I hope you find something you think might be interesting and pick one of them up yourself! :) 

1. How to Tell Toledo from the Night Sky by Lydia Netzer
(x) (x) (x)

Goodreads Rating: * * * *
Favourite Quote: “Why do some people fall in love with each other, and others don’t? What is love? It’s so, so, so stupid right up until it’s real. And then it’s the most important thing in the world, whether you believe in it or not.”

In the middle of August, my friend Beth suggested that we start something of a book club as she wanted to get back into the swing of reading. My younger brother has long since been a member of his own book club and the idea had always appealed to me. This year, since I started reading so much more frequently, I found myself actively discussing books with anyone who would listen to what I had been reading that weekend, so I jumped at the chance.

(Unfortunately, it seems that our book club may be folding before we even begin...but at least we attempted it?

How to Tell Toledo from the Night Sky was the first selection for our new book club and it was actually mine. I selected it after reading the summary on Goodreads and thinking that it sounded the right combination of fun, light, and not to hipster try-hard. 

I was right, for the most part. The thing I did not expect about Toledo was how weird it ended up being! The story is full of all kinds of little nuances that make up a rich book that references everything from fate, to Gods and Goddesses, to astronomy. 

The plot revolves around Irene and George who meet at the Toledo Institute of Astronomy. As it goes in these contemporary romance novels, they meet and fall in love. Only the circumstances surrounding their romance seem to be more than just fated: their mothers had raised them from birth to be the other's ideal match. This begs the question, can you love someone you've been raised to love? Or was it just part of your condition? I love the idea of fate and am always looking for signs that things are fated or 'meant to be', so this jumped out at me.

The story was quirky and upbeat; often I found myself laughing out loud. I loved the characters, everyone from Irene and George to their mothers and their colleagues at the Institute. While I am wary that my fellow book club members may have also been surprised by it's weirdness, I'm it made the cut as the first and only selection.

2. Astonish Me by Maggie Shipstead
(x) (x) (x)

Goodreads Rating: * * *
Favourite Quote: “He is sure he knows her body better than anyone else, much better than the boys who get to touch it everywhere, probably better than she knows it. ”

"I read a book this morning," I explained to Amy and my mother one Sunday afternoon, "and it was sad. It was really sad."

"Then why did you read it?" my mother asked.

"Because it was good," I explained. "I liked that it was sad."

Astonish Me revolves around the world of ballet and love; what happens when you find your dreams unexpectedly cut short and how you move on from it. Joan's career as a ballerina ends prematurely when she finds herself pregnant; she eventually moves to Chicago to be with the baby's father, her childhood friend, Jacob, and their son, Harry, grows up to be his own dancer while courting the neighbour's daughter, Chloe. 

I found this book inevitably sad because of the parallels between Joan and Jacob and Harry and Chloe. History does repeat itself, and in the worst of ways. I think what made me most sad about it is that all of the characters, for the most part, had good intentions that fell way to an unfortunate handling of unfortunate circumstances. 

3. Fallout by Sadie Jones
(x) (x) (x)

Goodreads Rating: * * * * *
Favourite Quote: I’m not talented. I don’t mind. I like it. Talent is . . .’ He frowned, unable to articulate what he did not miss. ‘But I want to be part of things. I know what’s good. I’m sick of pressing my nose up against the fucking window. There’s so much happening – I want to be in there but I don’t know how to get in.”

This was a book that I enjoyed so thoroughly, I didn't even attempt to finish it all in one setting. Sometimes when I read, I want to plough through to the end; get to the point and get the results, see how this thing is going to wrap up. This wasn't the case with Fallout

I found myself wanting to give it some more time; spend a few more hours with Luke, Paul, and Leigh, three friends wrapped up in the world of theatre in 1970s London, England. I felt an instant connection to the characters the same way that Luke felt to Paul and Leigh the first night he met them. As a twenty-something who is attempting to find her way, I related to the way they wanted to find themselves and do what they love. 

I think I told everyone I worked with about this book while I was reading it, just because I enjoyed it so much. I liked the themes, of friendship and fated love and connection. I liked the consequences of what happens when things don't work out as planned and how you have to make due and start again. I loved all of it. 

4. A Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable 
(x) (x) (x)

Goodreads Rating: * * * *
Favourite Quote: "Life moves on, the world moves on, the seeds we plant continue to grow."

I tried to explain the plot of this book to Amy, in a parking lot, at two in the morning. 

"And then, there is a sexy Frenchman, Luke, who—"

"What are you talking about?!" Amy interjected, at which point I knew I had lost her.

When people ask me what kind of books I like to read, I typically say, "Really sappy romances, memoirs, or books about people in Paris." This year alone, so far I have read six. So it seemed natural that when looking for something new to read, I would pick up A Paris Apartment, drag it with me while I waited in line outside a theatre before a screening at the Toronto Film Festival, and then proceed to attempt to relay the plot to a friend on the way home.

A Paris Apartment is about a woman named Anna who heads off to Paris to help appraise an apartment filled with old furniture for a future auction. While there, she finds the diaries of the woman who used to own the apartment and finds herself relating to her in unexpected ways. And yes, there is a sexy Frenchman.

I have had a love affair with Paris for years, despite never having been there. My brother says that he fears I might have a case of Paris Syndrome and that when I finally visit the city in 2015, I will be extremely let down. 

Regardless of what may or may not happen when that time comes, the truth is that I am in love with Paris right now. I feel about Paris the same way that Anna does, completely and entirely enamoured. I loved reading about her exploits in Paris and loved reading about Marthe's exploits just as much as she did. 

The book was charming and fun and I am most upset that I could not convey the exact charm of said sexy Frenchman that early, early morning. 

5. Sway by Kat Spears
(x) (x) (x)

Goodreads Rating: * * * * *
Favourite Quote: "You think when you get older, you get things all sorted out, or you forget what it felt like to be young. That's not it. You get older, you learn a little about the world, learn what it is to love someone else more than you love yourself, and you think, if only I had it all do to over again, I would do it better. Be a better person."

Sway revolves around Jesse, a high school student who knows how to get what he wants. He's persuasive, he's manipulative, and everyone knows him. Hired by even the teachers at his school to do their bidding, there's seldom an offer he'll turn down. So when Ken, captain of the football team asks him to help him score with Bridget, he agrees. Of course, since this is teen lit, Jesse finds himself taken with Bridget, which makes this job a whole lot more complicated than the rest.

Out of all of the novels I read in September, Sway was my favourite. It has a grittiness to it that you don't often see in young adult novels that lie heavily on the romantic side. But I loved it; Jesse was a fantastic character, one who had as many faults as he had good points and that made him feel incredibly real. I loved the concept of him having a fantastic power to essentially manipulate anyone he came in contact with and how he used it for both good and evil. I love how he acknowledged that this power didn't make him popular or even likeable; it just made him who he was. 

Which is kind of how life is. 

Let's Do This!

Welcome! I'm Diana, I'm 23, and I have no idea what I am doing.

I'm also clearly incredibly dramatic.

Theatrics aside (can you have such a thing on the Internet), I'm a recently graduated Media Studies student residing in the Greater Toronto Area with a love for all things pretty. I've been wanting to chronicle my love affair with clothing, make up, and culture for years but I've run into a good ol' friend procrastination that has limited me from doing such. Plus as a student, I always had a built in excuse; I was simply too busy.

Now? The world is my oyster. Or at the very least, I have a decent amount of free time that allows for such endeavours.

So here goes another shot at my own little corner of the Internet.

I attempted to use this super spiffy blog a few years back when my darling friend Kaitlyn first made it for me. And after a few months, I failed. As mentioned above, let's blame it on my academic career and not a lack of passion. I love writing, especially about things I am passionate about, so putting it off is only a disservice to myself. Though you, dear readers, might be spared from my lame jokes and witty puns. 

The truth is that aside from my personal Twitter and an incredibly active Tumblr and Pinterest, my Internet presence can be amounted to an unhealthy obsession with Instagram. As a result, all I have to show you at the present time is some pictures of some things I have been wearing in the past few months featuring my bedroom in various states of cleanliness. 

Oh, goodness, what a first post indeed.

So I'm clearly a big fan of the mirror selfie, as you can see, and hopefully we'll remedy that in the coming weeks so my photos are something of a higher quality. I make no promises though; once a mirror selfie lover, always a mirror selfie lover.

So! Here we go; get ready for my feelings and thoughts on clothing, beauty, books, film, and whatever else peeks my interest. I'm a fan of comic books and figure skating, so as a warning, things could get ~weird~ here. 

Thanks for reading and hopefully I didn't scare you off! You can follow the blog's Twitter here for updates on posts and myself over here on Instagram. :)